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PISCATAWAY, N.J., Sept. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The OpenCAPI Consortium today announced the release of new and updated specifications in addition to engineering notes. OpenCAPI 4.0 Transaction Layer Specification is the next generation Transaction Layer (TL) Specification beyond 3.0 TL and includes the concepts of Address Translation Cache for DMA Store Ordering, and, Effective Address Caching to bring in the capability to have caching in an accelerator.   OpenCAPI Discovery and Configuration Architecture Specification is a new architecture specification that enables a system to detect an OpenCAPI device and configure the IO interface. 25 Gbps PHY Mechanical Specification is the PHY electro-mechanical specification for the 25 Gbps bus and complements the 25 Gbps PHY Signaling Specification that was already released. These new specifications are now released formally to all OpenCAPI members ( and downloadable for non-OpenCAPI members for study purposes. To join the OpenCAPI Consortium and take full advantage of its benefits, please visit OpenCAPI membership benefits.

Beyond the new specifications, the OpenCAPI Consortium updated two specifications and released four new engineering notes. The new specifications include OpenCAPI Ready Definition V1.1 which defines what testing is required by a product developer to claim basic OpenCAPI functionality and have their devices designated as being OpenCAPI Ready™, and OpenCAPI 3.0 Certified Definition V1.1 that defines what third party testing is required to be OpenCAPI Certified™. The four new engineering notes released serve as reference material for developers and include OpenCAPI Ready Test Resources which references hardware that has been approved as OpenCAPI Ready and can serve as reference hardware for testing, OpenCAPI Certified Test Resources that lists the tests and margins required, OpenCAPI CFG Specification Memory which is a reference design and use document for a memory configured use case, and, OpenCAPI Home Agent (LPC Config) which is a reference document for the Home Agent exerciser.

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The OpenCAPI Consortium is an open not-for-profit organization that manages the Open Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (OpenCAPI) specifications and ecosystem. To learn more about this high-performance bus and the Consortium, go to

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