How to become OpenCAPI Ready

Members in good standing can submit their products to become OpenCAPI Ready.

If you are not a member, please visit how to join the Consortium.

The OpenCAPI Ready™ program is used by the OpenCAPI Consortium to enable OpenCAPI ecosystem product developers to indicate that a product has been shown/demonstrated to meet a minimum set of characteristics and should be interoperable with other OpenCAPI Ready products. This document defines the meaning of OpenCAPI Ready™ and its different categories.

OpenCAPI ecosystem participants who have items or products they are interested in marking shall follow the appropriate criteria described below.

Solution components that submit a request as described in Section 1.3 Requesting a product to be included on the OpenCAPI Ready list on page 11 will automatically be listed on the OpenCAPI Consortium OpenCAPI Ready List.

Organizations wishing to mark a solution component must receive a license to display the OpenCAPI Ready mark. See Section 1.4. Requesting license to display the OpenCAPI Ready mark on page 12.

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OpenCAPI ReadyTM Mark

The OpenCAPI Consortium has established OpenCAPI Ready™ as a special badge or mark used by an OpenCAPI ecosystem component producer/developer to attest that a specific component has been shown to satisfy the criteria defined in a specific version of this document. The criteria have been defined to increase the likelihood components bearing the mark are compatible.

The mark is available for OpenCAPI Consortium members interested in providing components/products to the OpenCAPI ecosystem. The mark makes a strong statement about the support of the OpenCAPI technology as an alternative to other server solutions.

OpenCAPI Ready Definition v1.1


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