List of Certified OpenCAPI Ready Products

The list below is the definitive record of all products that have been certified by OpenCAPI Consortium. OpenCAPI Ready Specification Version 3.0 defines the requirements that must be met to be asserted as an OpenCAPI 3.0 Ready device or OpenCAPI 3.0 Ready host. It is the work product of the OpenCAPI Consortium OpenCAPI Compliance Work Group.





Engineered for AI inference, IBM Power System IC922
provides the compute-intensive and low-latency
infrastructure needed to unlock business insights from
trained AI models. POWER9-based, Power IC922 provides
advanced interconnects (PCIe Gen4, OpenCAPI) to support
faster data throughput and decreased latency. Accelerated,
the Power IC922 supports up to six NVIDIA® T4 GPUs.

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IBM® Power System™ AC922 delivers unprecedented performance for analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and modern HPC. The Power AC922 is engineered to be the most powerful training platform available, providing the data and compute-intensive infrastructure needed to deliver faster time to insights. Data scientists get to use their favorite tools without sacrificing speed and performance, while IT leaders get the proven infrastructure to accelerate time to value. This is IT infrastructure redesigned for enterprise AI.P

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Alpha Data was established to provide state-of-the-art solutions for computer-intensive applications, and the company’s team of highly skilled engineers provide international customers with high-reliability, leading-edge products based on the latest devices from Xilinx.


p/n:       ADM-PCIE-9V3                                  (FPGA type XCVU3P-2)

p/n:       ADM-PCIE-9V3/VU3P-3                 (FPGA type XCVU3P-3)


p/n:       ADM-PCIE-9H3                                 (FPGA type XCVU33P-2)

p/n:       ADM-PCIE-9H3/VU33P-3              (FPGA type XCVU33P-3)

p/n:       ADM-PCIE-9H3/VU35P-2              (FPGA type XCVU33P-2)

p/n:       ADM-PCIE-9H3/VU35P-3              (FPGA type XCVU33P-3)


p/n:       ADM-PCIE-9H7                                 (FPGA type XCVU37P-2)

p/n:       ADM-PCIE-9H3/VU37P-3              (FPGA type XCVU37P-3)