These Trademark Usage Guidelines have been created by the OpenCAPI Consortium to ensure consistency in the manner in which the Mark (the “OpenCAPI Ready Mark”) is used by members of the OpenCAPI Consortium.  Consistency will build consumer confidence in the OpenCAPI Consortium and in products implementing the OpenCAPI Consortium specification.


The OpenCAPI Ready Mark is a trademark that has been created to indicate a product was both developed and tested by an OpenCAPI member.

The OpenCAPI Consortium reserves the sole right to ownership of the OpenCAPI Ready Mark, both as a wordmark as well as a stylized design, as shown in Schedule A.  As a member of the OpenCAPI Consortium, you may use the OpenCAPI Mark solely to indicate your product meets minimum testing requirements as performed by you, the developer, provided that you adhere to these guidelines.

To download the rules and guidelines of using the mark, please click here:     OpenCAPI Trademark Usage and Guidelines Document – Version 1